Are you a candle lover?

So are we, but for a long time it was hard to find on a market 100% eco candle. Therefore we have been thinking how to make an eco candle. With a little help of DIY tutorials, a lot of reading and trying, we finally mastered the production of eco candles and here they are. Your scented soy candle in coconut shell, hand poured, eco-friendly and reusable.
For instance all our candles are non-toxic. In addition they are hand poured with eco soy wax and natural dye, packed in coconut shell.

Therefore we proudly can say they are:

  • Ethically sourced
  • in reusable coconut bowls
  • vegan friendly
  • plastic free product & packaging
soy way candles in a coconut shell
Coconesia’s soy wax candles- white, with essential oil of lemongrass


They are made from 100% organic coconut shells and soy wax with a mix of natural soy wax dye. In the middle we positioned wooden wick (1cm wide) that crackles when it burns and we scented them with natural aroma essential oils.


Candles’ burn time is approximately 48 hours or more. Firstly all eco soy wax is great for slow burning. After the first burn, which always should burn for 3-4 hours to allow the top layer of wax to fully melt. Wax has a memory, so it is important not to skip this step, to make sure, you get the most of it. After that you can re-burn it any time you want, just as long you don’t forget to put it down.
In conclusion: a small tip; do not burn the candle continuously for more than for 4 hour in a row. After about 3 hrs let it cool down and when the wax became solid carry on enjoying it.

Diversity of colors and fragrance is waiting for you in Coconesia.

Being eco responsible consumer and still enjoy candles now it’s easy. Make sure you buy only candles made from soy wax, coconut wax or bee wax. Our candles are made by local artisans with high care for recycling and reusing every part of it. Because of that we love this concept of candle in coconut bowls. After using your candle, you can easily scrub it. As a result of scrubbing, you can reuse your coconut bowl for jewellery, office accessories or anything that needs to be organised.
If you have further questions about how to enjoy your candle just don’t hesitate to send us an email.

soy way candles in a coconut shell
The production of our candles. preheating the coconut bowl is important part of the process, as coconut shell is temperature sensitive.