Handmade products

Beautiful designs to add character and life to your space

Handmade products can give you a lot of appreciation, therefore they are also safe from all chemical hazards. Why? Because humans are not machines. Moreover all our handmade products may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws as handmade. Those are signs that the product wasn’t mass produced, therefore is unique and somebody took time to make it.

coconut bowl, handmade, artisan, lombok, eco bowl

Dig into the story

Looking deeper you may also understand, that by making all products handmade, we give jobs to our artisans and support what are they really good at. Above all, they carry knowledge about tools and processes passed from generations to generations and this is where true value stands.

Because our products are made from people for people. By buying them you support artisans having job, help us fight poverty and increase development of sustainable eco production.

Lombok is an island full of coconut trees, we are talking about thousands of fields full with coconuts. Its their richest natural resource, that for more than 18 years can give fruit to be used as drink or food or oil, but also reused after into a beautiful biodegradable products for your home. (cutlery, bowls, wood toys, wood jewellery…)

Process of making coconut spoon with old tools, handmade

Do you fancy now more?

In conclusion, your eco lifestyle starts now. It’s us consumers who decide what kind of a product we will buy or use. We need to be more conscious about it and as consumer, help reduce plastic usage, decrease rubbish or find more sustainable production. Moreover it even apply deeper and our decision of which products we buy, firstly can fight poverty, secondly help improve somebody lifestyle and  thirdly helps to save the nature.

Above all, that’s why we started project COCONESIA and we ensure you that each and every single one of our products reflects the passion and skill we and our Coconesia family spent developing and perfecting, to be sustainable in process and eco in the end.

passing the knowlede from generation to generation. Mother, father and son producing natural coconut products.

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