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    Handmade products

    Beautiful designs to add character and life to your space Handmade products can give you a lot of appreciation, therefore they are also safe from all chemical hazards. Why? Because humans are not machines. Moreover all our handmade products may feature inconsistencies or slight flaws as handmade. Those are signs that the product wasn’t mass produced, therefore is unique and somebody took time to make it. Dig into the story Looking deeper you may also understand, that by making all products handmade, we give jobs to our artisans and support what are they really good at. Above all, they carry knowledge about tools and processes passed from generations to generations…

  • Coconesia on Local Market in Kuta

    Lombok Eco Flea Market

    Last weekend we had awesome time during another Lombok Eco Flea Market. It was a first market since February and we missed each other a lot! Great atmosphere, food and what’s the most important sustainable local brands. Definitely we’re looking forward for a next meeting! For more info about future markets follow them here. We presented our products that were very popular. One of our novelties was organic soy candles which sold out very quickly. It’s cool that people are increasingly looking for new, ecological solutions. We are all the more happy that we can meet these expectations. Lombok Eco Flea Market gathered many local brands. Among them there are…