A day with an artisans

Few weeks ago we went for a visit to a village in the North of Lombok, where our artisans make magic from coconuts transferring them into beautiful coconut bowls. And that was so much fun.

We are very proud on them, as they waited for us with traditional Lombok coffee and many local food that main ingredient was coconut. They even payed attention to serve all with coconut wooden spoons, as long time ago we had a discussion , how coconut cutlery can be reused and they don’t need to buy 1- time use plastic cutlery anymore. Seeing that, made our hearts just sing.

The reason of meeting was to check the quality process of making coconut bowls, discuss new designs and talk more about sustainability of coconut palm trees as in the future we really want to give back to nature what we take. Boys eyes and ears where all open and together we came up with a plan for 2021 how to make a project of replanting coconut trees on Lombok and help mitigating gas emissions. We decided to find a coconut plantation for rent, where we could develop a nursery for coconut trees and prepare for replanting trees in the future. We also discussed Coconesia for kidz segment and designs we could make for kids, so many new products will be coming up this year.

Boys made their coconut gang after earthquake and when we met none of us expected, road we started would become our daily job. Together we are walking it gratefully, keeping in mind how lucky we are, to be surrounded with 1000 of palm trees that gives us so many ideas and is core of our work.

We are determine to help community, to replant Lombok with coconut trees and mostly to continue enjoying friendship we share.

Warriors of coconuts, that is what we have become and what we will continue to be. Thank you Rozi and crew!

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