Story of Coconesia - how it started?


Story of Coconesia starts long before all of us met. Before then – Danica, Marta and Raden were helping local communities in different ways. Danica was involved in eco projects and was supporting local youth in creative projects. Marta was focused on kids and encouraged them to learn and explore how fun the world can be. Similarly Raden was helping local community to turn natural resources into new, quality products. And one day we’ve met. And since that day we’ve joined our forces and started working on a project that combines the passion for creation, the desire to change and helping others.

In August 2018, strong earthquakes hit the Lombok Island. Many people where killed, thousands of them injured, more than half a million people lost their households, workplaces, shelters. During this difficult times, people around the world sent help for the earthquakes’ victims. People started to reorganize their life, focusing on what’s the most important – trying to get back to the ‘normal’ life.
We do hope that through this project we will help North Lombok community find a new life path and start sharing what the have the best – love to nature and… coconuts!

We base our company principals on 4C’s, that represent:

COCONUTS– our core natural resource.

COMMUNITY – our cooperation with local communities (woman & man around Lombok) and evolving their skills and talents, into processing coconuts toward ECO products. Paying ethically, giving jobs and improving their lifestyle.

CONSCIOUS – our vision of giving you products that are conscious toward our planet, making it through sustainable process with strong vision of using biodegradable materials, eco friendly process and hand skills of our artisans.

CARE– our mission to care about people and nature of Lombok. Working hand in hand without changing their tradition or believes, but developing safe and earth friendly operations to improve their lifestyle and educate them about earth friendly lifestyle.