Adoption package reward

Thanks to you, our dear customers, who bought our adoption package, we were able to buy for our artisans new machines.

And what a happy day that was. So far we raised around 200 usd, from 20 palm adoption and for that money we bought new sew machine for cutting wood, grinder and safety products like glasses and masks for our artisans.

Marta and Danica visited them last week to give them the machines and they were so grateful. It’s a small step maybe, but very important as with this action we help them stay focused in working with natural resources and not look for other job. It also helps them speed up the production and get more people to work with them. Our community in North Lombok is lead by Rozy. Its around ten young boys from 20-30 years old who started working with coconuts after earthquake. By giving them this machines their processing of the coconut bowl will raise up to 100 bowls per day and they will be able to serve more customers.

But most of all they will focus on staying in working with coconuts. So thank you, thank you, thank you. Without you, dear adopters, we couldn’t make a better future for them!

Unpacking the present
Some of our adopters
Checking the machine and testing it

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