We focus on corporate social responsibility, responsible capitalism, social impact and environmental health. With Coconesia we fight poverty and we give opportunity to less developed parts of Lombok. Thanks to the project, communities increase their income by being involved as artisans. All our products are proudly made by them.

Here is our family.

Marta & Danica


When morning coffees become an idea, and then that idea develops into something that we knew it will be bigger then us. Carrying about environment, sustainable process and mostly people of Lombok this is how COCONESIA become more then just a coffee.


Rahman & Family

Rahman dedicated his life to coconuts already long time ago. He started his learning from his grandfather. After that he was sharing his knowledge further to his sons. It made all his family involved in producing unique products from coconuts. When we first met, he was mostly focusing on coconut bowl. Therefore through the years his ability in curving coconut wood became useful and irreplaceable in making wood cutlery. He is still using old fashionable tools. His gently process, that he learned through generation, so that every spoon, fork or knife comes under his hard working hands.


Candle Artisan

Kin joined our team not long ago, when we were exploring candle making. With his open mind, he helped us explore this unknown field and learned how to develop skills and techniques to make the most beautiful colors and aromas for our eco candles. Through process we also developed techniques for waste reduction and act environmentally responsible. For candle making you need patience, steady hands and good eye and our Kin has all of that.

Jewellery & Brushes

artisan for jewellery, candles and
kids line

Harry is a young local boy from Mataram, that has been living from spare-fishing and jewellery making. When we first met he was not working with coconuts. Therefore after showing him idea he immediately showed passion and will to be part of our team. With his talent and skills he became self thought jewellery maker . He is extremely precise and naturally talented for doing small things. Lately we are involving him also more in distribution to be a first man of Coconesia.

Coconut Bowls

Rozy his love for coconuts gathered all village to work with coconuts.

Rozy has gathered whole village and involved them into producing coconut bowls. With his community we developed unique designs. We also helped him with tools and made huge community that is now exploring creativity in coconut bowls. Helping them use every piece of coconut shell. We reduce waste and reuse even small parts, we accomplished to make him a master of bowls in Lombok. His creativity and possibility to engrave any designs is like only sky is the limit.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Raden & Community
Virgin coconut oil Artisan

Pak Raden is one of biggest producer of virgin coconut oil in Lombok. He was the person that was involved in our story from the beginning. Helping us understand coconuts, see the process and think how to make variety of products from it. His knowledge and passion is a big motivation. The way he involved all women from his village in process make us just applaud him. He was the base of our idea and he will always have a special place in Coconesia.


Ketut & Community
Sewing Artisan

A lady that never says no. Self taught sewer, that still works with old types of Singer machines. It gives us unlimited options to create all kind of eco packaging for our products. With our help, she already grew her sewing business by employing more girls. Together we stand to give better opportunities and jobs for people of Lombok. Oh and here smile is infectious, you can not leave her office without a big smile on your face.