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How did we find our coco family?

Gathering community of locals was most challenging part of the project Coconesia. After traveling all around Lombok, meeting locals and discovering what products they already make from coconuts, we came to conclusions. We want to gather people, who feel eco value, think sustainable, respect and share love for planet and adore coconuts. But most importantly, they see coconut palm tree as a resource of their future.

And yes, how lucky we were. Starting firstly with community of woman in North Lombok, and spreading their amazing virgin coconut oil around. Consequently we explored what else can be made from coconuts? So we looked for somebody who knew how to make the bowl, then we looked for somebody who knew how to do wood carving. Subsequently that lead us to an artisan who loves coconut wood and was waiting to get more ideas what else to do from it. Then we realized there is coconut coir. For example we saw swipes made from them on local markets and therefore toillete brushes were born.

And so, our Coco family grew and became a firm foundation of this project. Now our goal is to get more coconut lovers. Not just buyers, above all producers. We want to give jobs! In the last few years Lombok was economically really unstable. For example first earthquake, then Covid. For an island, that mostly lives from tourism, those situation changed many families life’s upside down. Therefore developing a field, independent from tourism, that people can do every day, is of huge importance for this island.

To sum up .Why we are family? Firstly, we understand this is a road we want to walk together in long term. Secondly, we want to make a strong road. Certainly it will be bumpy and sometimes full of crossroads, but coconuts will not disappear. During any circumstance, they will continue producing coconut fruits. Thirdly and most importantly- we have so many knowledge to give to new generations. That’s why the time is now.

Coconesia– For the new generation of earth lovers.

A trip from 1/3 of Coconesia family to Sembalun Lombok.
A trip from 1/3 of Coconesia family to Sembalun Lombok.

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